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htc phone m8 review

The HTC One was one of our favorite phones for great construction and materials, a classy design, a large and sharp display and no manhandling of Android. For HTC is back with their flagship follow-up, the HTC One M8. It improves on most everything. There's even more metal in . Mar 25,  · Related: HTC 10 review HTC One M8 – Design. The HTC One M8 is a beautifully-designed phone, outshining the Galaxy S5 and even better- looking than the attractive LG G/5. Sep 29,  · Think of the HTC One M8 as the big-budget sequel to an Oscar-winning indie film. Last year's HTC One won rave reviews and obsessed fans, but not enough customers to keep HTC growing.

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You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Top positive review. I've had this phone for about a week, and am loving it so far. It's not a perfect phone, but pretty dang close. I will test it out and update this review, but take my word for it, htc phone m8 review, the htc phone m8 review life is awesome. My thought before receiving the phone was, "The design can't be that good. What a bunch of hype. The phone just feels good in the hand, and the metal casing is so slick and is an attention grabber for sure.

It's a great balance between tough and beautiful. Htc phone m8 review processing power is tremendous! I don't take a lot of selfies, but when I do, they look pretty dang good. Fantastic colors and refresh rate. It seems like common sense. Most phones have htc phone m8 review volume buttons on the left. For some reason the M8 put them on the right. This bugs me. I have a harder time using my thumb adjust the volume, rather than my pointer finger for some reason.

I also don't like the power button being on top, and the headphone jack being on the bottom. It's just a little annoying, since those locations are not standard. If you are really into the camera function of your phone, this one will be a let-down for you. My wife has the Galaxy S5 - the pictures she takes are more detailed and better-looking. That camera sure is something.

The M8 still takes very good pictures, but not great pictures like the S5. Overall, it's a very user friendly phone, but I like some things that Samsung does with their UI - swiping right on a contact to call and swiping left to send a text is brilliant.

I'm not a big phone of the Apps menu - scrolling vertically one page at a time is kind of a pain. Also, pressing 2 buttons to get to the settings is annoying. I like how Samsung phones have the quick settings showing above notifications. However, the UI overall is very responsive and attractive, htc phone m8 review. I'm kind of on the fence about this aspect.

However, if you like your phones light, this is not the One for you. Overall, it's an amazing phone, and I've really loved using it. Top critical review. How could a software "upgrade" so thoroughly ruin a phone?

Before the upgrade to Android 5. I got it because it was the only phone I could find that had a functioning over-the-air radio. Battery life wasn't great, the interface was not intuitive, the phone seemed more geared to trying to sell things to you than serve you, but I could deal with that. Since the upgrade, my phone has gone into bizarre pocket mode.

While in my pocket, htc phone m8 review, it has - replied to emails with gobbledygook - forwarded emails with gobbledygook - deleted emails - turned off its ringer - turned off bluetooth - gone into in cognito mode on Chrome. It has done each of these things without my touching it or saying a word. This is no longer a smart phone. It is a possessed phone! When I complained about the upgrade, htc phone m8 review, I was asked "but don't you love the new battery life?

The battery life now is cut in half unless I have brightness down so low that I can't see it. But of course, since the phone is possessed by the pocket monster, no wonder it's using up its battery life so quickly.

What idiot wrote this software? And does anyone have an iPhone 6 I can buy used? I am stuck with this poltergeist phone for another 18 frigging months! One person found this helpful. Sort by. Top rated Most recent Top rated. Filter by. Showing of reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. There was a problem loading comments right now, htc phone m8 review.

Showing 0 comments. Sort by: Newest Oldest. As someone who got on the smartphone bandwagon late, I didn't realize that my HTC One would become such an integral part of my daily life. When the M8 upgrade became available, I jumped. As impressed as I was with the One, it was awesome to htc phone m8 review that the M8 delivered the same quality, but faster. The difference in processors is noticeable. Before the M8, I htc phone m8 review notice apps lag at times and would have to quit some.

The M8 has yet to have issue with multiple apps being open. Today on a conference call, a procedural document was referenced. The speaker indicated that a crucial exception in the procedure was missing and that it's absence was the cause of not meeting budget. I disagreed the exception was missing because I recalled the document and the exception.

Before voicing my disagreement, I was able to pull up my Google Drive app, locate the shared document, open it with the Adobe app, and then forward it with my gmail app to everyone on the call. The process of accessing multiple apps while on the call htc phone m8 review easy, clean and non-disruptive and professionally satisfying. I love the functionality and speed of my M8 and believe it to be one of the absolute best android phones available.

Highly recommended. This auto 'screen touching' error essentially makes using the phone while charging impossible. Go to type a text while charging and you might be sent searching on Google. I asked another person I met with this phone and they had the same issue, htc phone m8 review.

Not sure if these were the only three phones in the world with this issue. I manage by unplugging the charging cord when I need to wake the screen up, I know, I know. The phone is slippery, almost dropped the phone when I was testing out how slippery it really was after reading the reviews, but who doesn't put a case on their phones anyways?

Used this for almost a year now. Probably going to switch back to Samsung when the time comes. Pros: 1. Camera was great in the beginning. Out performed the Galaxy S4 yeah I know. It isn't an iPhone, I have always disliked Apple products. Fast, few bugs in OS, no glitches or forced restarts etc. Phone looks cool, dot case looks good with it Cons: 1. Camera sucks now after a year, the second camera lens appears to have had the protective film scratched off it no actual scratches but the edges of the lens are slightly more shiny than the middle and now it takes terrible pictures in either bright settings OR dark settings where there are lights present.

I have tried a ton of different settings and it is super dissapointing, htc phone m8 review, the Galaxy S4 and the htc phone m8 review iPhone blow it away now. My phone now while connected to bluetooth will pretty occasionally stutter and not play any additional sounds from the person I am talking to.

They can hear me fine but I will either hear a terrible noise or dead silence from the other line. The call stays connected and they can always hear me but I have to hang up and call them back htc phone m8 review fix it. The metal body and the actual design of the phone almost force you to htc phone m8 review this thing, htc phone m8 review.

I think it is seriously trying to break itself. With that being said, it has survived multiple drops from 5 or 6 feet onto hardwood floors many times with little to no damage.


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htc phone m8 review


Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for HTC One M8, Gunmetal Grey 32GB (Verizon Wireless) at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users/5(). May 27,  · “HTC’s One M8's design detail is only matched by the iPhone. It has the technical specs, camera prowess, and software innovations to make it a top competitor for phone of the year.”8/ Mar 25,  · Related: HTC 10 review HTC One M8 – Design. The HTC One M8 is a beautifully-designed phone, outshining the Galaxy S5 and even better- looking than the attractive LG G/5.