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Oct 14,  · While the other players on the list might be able to perform a variety of functions, MX Player is one of the most popular video players for Android devices. It is . Jun 03,  · Contains Ads. Slow Motion Frame Video Player for Android let you play HD/SD videos, control video frame rate, audio pitch and apply color filter for B/W effect. This video player take advantage of media hardware acceleration so it consumes low CPU . Reverse syncing in doubleTwist Sync. This means if you remove a song from a playlist on your Android device, this change will be pushed back to iTunes, removing the song from the iTunes playlist as well. The song will not be removed from your iTunes library.

Log in or Sign up. Android Tablet Forum, reverse player for android. Aug 14, 1. Now I'm using "Doubletwist". The problem I'm finding is the track order is wrong, which is especially bad with an album where the tracks are designed to be played in a certain sequence plenty of them. They aren't numerical, and not alphabetical. The sorting makes no sense. Yet some albums are listed correctly. It's not just happening in one App. All of my albums work great on my other dedicated Non-Android MP3 players -- they always play in the correct sequence.

I'm ready for a suggested App that definitely holds the track order, no funny stuff. Aug 14, 2. This probably has to do with the naming conventions used on your music files.

Did you rip these yourself from CD? Android relies on proper folder structure and rational naming. It also might be doubtwist. That reverse player for android is never necessary on android, and just confuses the issue. Time to shed your Apple ways ;- Sign up for Google Music and install the Google Music uploader on your computer and point it to your music directory. All your music on your tablet an in the proper order with the proper album art and poor quality rips replaced with perfect k rips.

Sent from my HOX. Aug 14, 3. Aug 14, 4. You might want to give Music Folder Player Free a try Aug 14, 5. Actually, almost all players rely on something in the file folder structure to clue them to the order. Usually the rip tool names these in a way that indicates the order: 01 - song-1 02 - song 2 etc If your rip tool didn't do this then they might be sorted by just date and time, and its a toss up whether any player will do its own sort on that or not. I found this out the hard way, when I started a rip using this high powered rip tool that would rip 4 songs in parallel on a quad core machine.

Trouble is, the rips would finish asynchronously and have dates and time that caused them to sort out of order. Without something in the file title, some players may just sorts them in date order, or the order that they are listed in the directory Most modern rip tools embed the sequence number in the meta-data of the songs. Some modern players rely on that instead of the song title.

On windows you can see this meta data reverse player for android the directory listing: You don't mention what your computer is running, so I have no clue if you can check this. On Windows, you can change the internal meta data sequence number by right clicking and selecting properties.

If that track number number is not embedded, its probably going to sort by name. You might have to re-name if the rip-tool didn't put the track numbers into the name.

Maybe you can find a tool that lets you fix the metadata? Sort your directory by Date and time, reverse player for android, and see if the songs go into the wrong order. If so, then this might be carried over into the tablet when you copy the files. Last edited: Aug 14, Aug 16, 6. All of my MP3s are ripped with track numbers at the start of the file name exactly like your example. Yes, that was a ton of work for a bunch of albums, reverse player for android. The A for some reason doesn't sort in that order, and it's not sorting alphabetically, either.

Well, some seem to be in the correct track order. While researching this, I see people mention that the songs are in the correct order in the list, but don't play in the correct order. I haven't begun to get that far in my testing, since if a lot of them are scrambled, that's kind of the bigger issue. I started to do the Google Music Manager, and that seems to be not for me.

I've also pretty much destroyed my music collection in the process but I kind of expected thatso now I'm battling Win Media Player to give me back my album art, etc. I have to reset Win Media Player somehow and start over I also of course wiped out all the tunes on the Android, to make way for Google Music Manager's magic.

I have all my ripped albums saved on other drives, so it's not a big deal to eventually restore the music files where I like. Anyway, my albums work out to almost tracks, reverse player for android, and Google Music Manager needs me to upload them if I'm to access them on the A That's completely unacceptable. It took 15 minutes to upload just 5 tracks.

At 3 minutes a song, that's hours just to upload them. I can't play them til I download them onto the Android -- at least another hours? No way I'm doing that, just to reverse player for android out if the track order is correct what if it isn't! I'm working pretty hard right now getting Google Music Manager to stop doing what it's doing. I'm pretty sure Google Music Manager is getting deleted soon. But I will check out your suggestions for making the track order correct.

I just now reverse player for android at the sequence number in Windows, reverse player for android, and "Kitaro: Silk Road" one of the scrambled albums is shown in the correct sequence in Windows. It's probably just a silly thing I've overlooked. I've also discovered that scrambled track orders are a current bug in Doubletwist, so that App is also getting removed pronto it reverse player for android things.

Last edited: Aug 16, Aug 16, 7. That seems good to reverse player for android. I'm installing it. My dedicated MP3 player works exactly like that: each folder is an album, each track in the folder has a sequentially numbered file name so they play in the correct order.

I was thinking all Android music Apps would default to that, reverse player for android here we are. Actually, I'm guessing there's some setting that just isn't set up right yet. Icebike is explaining some Android file sorting schemes which I'll also try. It actually shows the file name, so I can see the track number other players hide the track number, which makes me think I'm losing my mind when the album order doesn't seem right.

I also think there's a way as suggested to force any player to get it right, so if I can somehow use the built-in Google "Play Music" App for free, I'd prefer that. But I probably won't put much more work into convincing Android to unscramble the albums. Also, I've been reminded that download speeds may be 10x upload speeds. I doubt I'd do that, but it's an improvement. Aug 17, 8. Good to hear that Music Folder Player does what you want Reverse player for android 24, 9.

VLC for Android. Music Folder Player Free is pretty good, too. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet, reverse player for android. Your user name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

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